Here you can find an excerpt of already implemented customer projects and the technologies used for them.

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The following projects provide an insight into various technologies and key areas that have been used to date.

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The Rahmenmax picture frame configurator allows you to design your own picture frame according to your desired dimensions. Prices are calculated dynamically, and a preview of the created picture frame is shown in detail on the screen. The database connection takes place in real time, product adjustments are presented to visitors without page refresh.

Technologies used:

SDG Product Wizard

The SDG webapp enables the user to configure a desired vehicle with interchangeable system and matching accessories for the individual use case and provides suitable order templates. The user interface is dynamically built up from selection options, which are obtained from products stored in a JSON file.

Technologies used:


CDS Product Newsletter

Responsive eMail product newsletter, which offers a high compatibility to different eMail clients, and does not renounce modern features. An associated template system automatically creates newsletters based on a JSON file with product details.

Technologies used:

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